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IKEA prove that even the branding experts occasionally stuff-up.

They say to err is human, and the branding folks at IKEA Bahrain have given us a refreshing reminder of how true that really is. IKEA as a global brand has a reputation for being well disciplined in their execution. However, a recent signage mishap has drawn much attention after a Twitter user @FlirtingKaapi, shared a pic she took of a local IKEA store with a window sign which read; “Create your perfect night’s sleep,” in English. The problem was the headline when translated into Arabic below read; “Same text, but in Arabic.”

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Having recognized the error, IKEA were fast to move, quickly updating the Arabic copy to read; “This is what happens when you don’t get good sleep. Enjoy your perfect sleep.”

To IKEA Bahrain we say; Nice recovery!!

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Pics from Twitter @FlirtingKaapi

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