Monash University Encourages You to ‘Question the Answers’


Monash University encourages the audience to look beyond the conventional and accepted, and challenge the status quo.

Monash University has launched a new integrated campaign starring Australian actor David Wenham, which thanks people who accept what they’re told, for creating a world where answers should be questioned. The campaign will run throughout the year on TV, cinema, outdoor and digital., and marks a new direction for the tertiary education provider.

The new campaign highlights the different ways in which people accept the hands they are dealt, choosing the path that is chosen by most and remaining content with their average decisions. Individuals following the status quo has equipped the institution with the ability to provide a learning environment that encourages excellence adopting the tag line ‘Question the Answers’.

President and Vice Chancellor, Margaret Gardner, stated that the campaign is aimed at illustrating Monash as a tertiary education provider that values persistence, innovation and impact. The campaign attempts to encapsulate what it would be like to be apart of the Monash community, and challenge traditional enrolment communications. The campaign demonstrates Monash is willing to ask the ‘questions that matter, seek challenges and search for new answers’, with the ultimate goal of creating opportunities for students.

The new campaign aims to communicate the essence of challenging the status quo, which is a representation of Monash University and the way they approach the world. The new essence replaces the efforts of the previous brand refresh which resulted in the tag line ‘Where brilliant begins’. The previous campaign was designed to position Monash as an institution where brilliance was nurtured, with the new positioning building upon this existing mantra.


Prospective students are encouraged to challenge the status quo, beyond tradition and convention, by choosing a provider offering tailored study options and course offerings that allow for greater personal outcomes. The new essence comes with a new approach to learning with the institution encouraging students to choose a provider that teaches ‘how to think’ as opposed to teaching students ‘what to think’.

The campaign contains in addition to the master video, offshoot spots for engineering, science and history/law where Wenham mentions theories from the past which were questioned such as: the Wright Brothers for engineering, Albert Einstein for science and Eddie Mabo for history/law. These videos emulate the institution’s belief that when an individual questions the answers, their full potential can be unleashed.

While it can be difficult for tertiary institutions to differentiate themselves, as the product offerings are generally of a similar nature, I feel this is a very innovative approach to communicating with prospective students. It will be interesting to see how Monash will use this new essence moving forward, and how it will affect other communication touch-points.

Take a look at the master video here here:

Question the Answers – Engineering:

Question the Answers – Science

Question the Answers – History/Law

Simon Wang
Strategy Intern 

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Image and Video Credits: Monash University & mUmBRELLA

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