Heinz Unveils a Rebranding Masterpiece

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Heinz Rebranding is a delicious blend of balance and skill.

Whilst we rarely write about another agencies branding projects the recently released rebrand for Heinz by global brand agency; Jones Knowles Ritchie is an example of strategic brand design worth writing about.

Rebranding for FMCG is a tightrope walk. Move the brand too far and you risk losing loyal customers, fail to move the brand far enough and you risk falling short of the strategic objectives that drove the project in the first place. In my 30 years of brand experience I’ve seen most fall short, some over-stretch the mark, and few that hit the perfect balance of truly re-energizing the brand whilst bringing their loyal customers with them whilst inspiring a new generation of customers. The Heinz rebranding is a case study in achieving that delicate balance with a combination of design skill and craft.

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“Heinz is a brand for everyone, loved by everyone. You can find it in Michelin-starred restaurants through to roadside cafes around the world,” said Jonny Spindler, Managing Director at JKR. “With that in mind, we wanted to create brand unification across categories, geographies and brand experience touch points so that no matter how or where you experience Heinz, you’re able to celebrate its simple greatness.”

“Our primary ambitions were to distinctively connect each element of the brand’s design ecosystem and to utilise iconic assets, like the Heinz keystone, in new and interesting ways,” said Spindler.

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If you have an FMCG brand facing headwinds from market changes or new competitors, give us a call to line-up a brand conversation which may well be the first step in turning your brand around and rebuilding market leading momentum.

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Pics courtesy JKR.
You can see more of what Jones Knowles Ritchie gets up to here.

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