Zuum launches in Australia

New energy gum brand now available at Chemist Warehouse.

Keen followers of Truly Deeply may have noticed us talking about a new energy gum brand we created for three Melbourne mates, during the lockdown years.

Truly Deeply worked closely with the founders of Zuum to create the brand name, strategic proposition, identity, and pack design for this exciting new product.

Now, Zuum is finally available across the country at all Chemist Warehouse stores.

Zuum is set to take on energy drinks and traditional coffee with a promise to ‘do energy better’.

The brand proposition is designed to appeal to those living an active life who are looking for a healthier and more effective option to boost energy.

The messaging speaks the language of the brand’s young advocates with a focus on being aspirational, with some healthy irreverence.

“From the start, we knew how critical the branding and packaging design would be for Zuum. We had a very specific vision for the way our brand looked and the Truly Deeply team listened, understood, and then worked with us to get it absolutely right.
We couldn’t be happier with the result. The really positive feedback on our brand from customers and retail partners has been a powerful vindication of our approach and a reflection of the skill and experience the Truly Deeply team brought to the project. We couldn’t be happier!”

Hugo Gray
Zuum Co-Founder

The brand was inspired by the 80s retro design trend, combined with a contemporary aesthetic edge and a touch of the European alps, all wrapped up with a bold and humorous personality.

The strong Zuum stripe element provides the brand and packaging with its ‘80s retro vibe. It’s a very hard-working element that comes into play in animation, brand photography as well as graphically on packaging and point of sale.

The typography and clean layout deliver a contemporary edge. The colour palette and use of Umlauts provide the European flavour. The bold and humorous brand personality comes out through the brand language and messaging on the pack, website, and socials.

Unlike other energy brands, Zuum is also deliberately gender-neutral and projects a healthy sense of making the most of every moment.

The spirit of the audience and their approach to life is captured in the ‘Monday morning frantics to Saturday night antics’ positioning.

Zuum brand, energy gum

Sugar-free gum with caffeine, guarana, and B vitamins, Zuum helps boost energy, reduce fatigue, and support focus with no nasties or crashes.

Find out more about Zuum here.

Zuum brand, energy gum

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