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In July this year the Australian Government launched its new international place brand logo. It’s fair to say at the time of launch it received a lukewarm response from public and media with many pointing out it’s similarities to the corona virus at the time.

High profile critics of the place brand mark like Member of Parliament and Oatley MP; Mark Coure who upon its launch and in true Trump style tweeted, “It looks like a virus,” (a fair call) and that “school students would have done “a better job than this rubbish!”(an uneducated and uninformed personal opinion). The response has barely been a groundswell as most of the country focuses on more important issues, however those responsible have heard the drums early and moved swiftly to quarantine the place brand.

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Described at launch by Australia’s National Brand Council as: “an optimistic burst of gold positivity”, fast forward just two months and my how the world has changed. What just weeks ago looked like an optimistic burst of golden Australian wattle now bears the unmistakable likeness to the corona virus – the whole world’s public enemy number one and the last possible association any country would wish from their place branding. It’s an interesting study into the way events (and doubly so for traumatic ones) can transform the way we see things and the extent to which we associate with them.

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Pic Credit: Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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