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I was very disappointed to learn on my drive to work earlier this week that the Chrissie and Jane show on Mix 101 would cease to exist in 2015. Calls poured in with listeners who were devastated that they wouldn’t be listening to Chrissy and Jane in 2015. As I listened to these loyal callers I wondered if it was a personal decision by the presenters. As it turns out the station is re-branding and have appointed hosts to help them shift their positioning in the market. Read the rest of this entry »


After a successful night and many sore heads, we are pleased to announce most of the artworks have now sold and we will be contacting the successful bidders! There are still some pieces available, so we have set up a gallery on our Facebook  so you can still see the artworks and make a purchase on these pieces. First in best dressed!

To purchase please email with your price and contact details and we will contact you.

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Starbucks?
Is it the coffee? A green mermaid? Or maybe the USA? With this campaign, the global coffee giant is attempting to reinforce its emotional brand connection going beyond the coffee to reinforce their brand mantra of being the third place.

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Jenny Craig The Numbers

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy putting our creative and strategic heads together to produce our very first International TVC for weight loss brand Jenny Craig. It’s been an exciting time for the brand and for our team.  Our relationship with Jenny Craig started six months ago and since then we’ve been working with their team to overhaul and reinvigorate the brand. When we first met with them to discuss re-vamping the packaging we were instantly excited about the huge potential of the brand and we couldn’t wait to help them reformulate their consumer value proposition and freshen up their brand image. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Brand Story with a Delicious Ending
Our friends at Grapevine have been working with local Confectionery maker Darrell Lea over the last two years as it’s new owners the Quinn family look to rebuild this once iconic Australian retail brand. The new brand strategy was based-around dramatically expanding the channels to market for this much loved brand by selling product through the major supermarket chains as well as their own stores.

Whilst the authentic Darrell Lea brand experience is still delivered through their own retail real estate, the tenfold increase in foot traffic past their product provided by being stocked on supermarket shelves has provided the real difference. This strategy has leveraged the high level of Darrell Lea brand recognition and loyalty whilst reducing the cost of doing business, with the result being a sustainable, profitable business.

The brand has broadened its product range with the introduction of Choc Stix, which is liquorice with chocolate in the centre. The new product is successfully attracting a new generation of younger brand fans, with a plan to explore new product beyond confectionery such as ice cream. Requests are coming thick and fast by the brand’s new retail partners – the supermarkets – to develop a broader product range including everything from baked goods to chocolate milk.

Few things warm our hearts more at Truly Deeply than when a fading iconic brand is rescued through strong business and brand leadership. Kudos to the Quinn family for their passion, foresight and acumen in saving this much loved Aussie brand.

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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The very clever guys at Brandhook have put together the trends they see as defining the Millennial generation.

Trend 01. Sharing is Caring
Millennials are spearheading the shift towards a ‘Sharing economy’, driven by a push away from conspicuous consumption and made possible by their ‘always connected’ lifestyle. Increasingly, millennials are opting to ‘share’ rather than own. Companies that are making it big based on the idea of sharing are Air BnB, Parking Panda and Zipcar.

Trend 02. Help me be Creative
A creative generation, millennials are more than comfortable with snapping away and sharing across social networks. They are hankering for opportunities to showcase their creativity, and Instagram’s recent Hyperlapse app release is a great example of helping Millennials in their quest to create their own beautiful content. The app makes it easy for users to create high quality time lapse video that they can then share with friends.

Trend 03. Nostalgic Admiration
The last decade has seen a rise in preference for vintage goods and retrobranding. Why? Whilst sustainability may no doubt play a role, the desire for retro goods and fashion is also driven by take a break from the tech-centric world millennials find themselves in. Buying something vintage allows the young’uns to experience an era they’ve never lived in. ASOS is a brand leveraging from this trend, helping consumers connect with old school goods in their online vintage marketplace.

BrandHook is a solutions based brand strategy and consumer insight agency. They conduct both quantitative and qualitative research which they use to deliver strategic recommendations. Their role is to deliver insightful brand, marketing and product solutions to clients who want to optimise their customers’ experience.

They do this by helping marketing teams:
1. Maximise their marketing plan initiatives with the consumer,
2. Find ways to make them as impactful as possible and,
3. Unearth new hooks for growth.

These brand hooks can be anything from unexplored category wisdom, a new product or service innovation, a re-defined path to purchase or simply feedback on a new way to express the brand.
If you’d like to learn more about how BrandHook can help you co-create and collaborate, email Pip Stocks ( ) to organise a private presentation for your marketing team.

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The Brand Strategy of Authenticity has never been more Important
If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will no-longer get what you always got. In brand the diminishing law of returns is an absolute truism. What served to differentiate a brand a decade ago, to evocatively communicate a persona and set of values to a particular audience is no-longer effective. And brands only have themselves (well at least their lazy peers) to blame.

The best brands are and have always been authentic. The basis for brand strategy is to define what it is about a brand that makes it so special, relevant and meaningful to it’s audience or tribe. This authenticity is at once unique and magnetic. It is also complex, fragile and difficult to bring to life in everything that business does everyday. Competing demands of budget, profit, scalability, globalization and competition most always see the dilution of authenticity.

When faced with these challenges, brands will often take the easy way-out, leaning on old habits of telling not doing, talking the talk without walking the walk – Enter the generic brand video.

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This is not your Grandfather’s Tailor.
With this positioning line New York’s Acustom Apparel introduce a new menswear apparel brand that’s changing the tailored clothing category. By using a 3D body scanner and some neat measuring technology they make tailored clothing that’s better fitting, more accessible, and more affordable than available by traditional methods. They offer bespoke suits, shirts, polos, jeans, chinos, and overcoats from a flagship retail store in SoHo, NY.

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Can Typography design save the world?
There’s nothing new about the fact our environment is suffering from the impact of climate change. So could typography save the world? Well, single handily no it probably couldn’t, but it does open up a valuable dialog for designers. What could we be doing to encourage a more sustainable future? If not only for ourselves, but for our clients as well, and if we could do it through making some intelligent typographic choices, why wouldn’t we?

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Road Art Great grassroots local branding

Local communities in the states have been using road art as way to engage and display the hope and spirit of neighbourhoods. The murals which are painted by the community and are popping up at intersections in many big cities also have an awesome side benefit of slowing traffic and making the junctions safer.

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