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A recent print campaign by Volkswagen has honed in on the message that it’s impossible to focus on the road while texting. The campaign is beautiful in its simplicity of message and continues the VW tradition of incredibly intelligent communications.

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best fast food branding

Burger Chain’s Ballsy Brand Proposition
Walking the retail streets of Boston last month I came across this window poster trumpeting the arrival of burger chain ‘b.good‘ to town. I was struck by the proposition; ‘Food from Farmers’ as a pretty ballsy brand promise for a burger chain. In Australia we have Grill’d Burgers who’ve built their brand around a ‘healthy burger’ proposition, which whilst being of questionable virtue has been unquestionably successful for them. So standing in the bright New England sun, taking-in the b.good billboard I got to wondering just how far this type of brand promise could stretch. Read the rest of this entry »

derek jeter

Few Australians would be aware of Derek Jeter and his long and illustrious baseball career. But almost all of us would be aware of the New York Yankees, probably the biggest sporting team brand in the world (save for maybe Manchester United). Jeter has been the face of the Yankees for 20 seasons and is set to retire at the end of this one. Nike has paid tribute to the shortstop and in doing so, aligned itself with the population of New York and the wider sports community.
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Within the last 24 hours Airbnb has unveiled a complete overhaul of their branding and identity, website and mobile interfaces. With 15 million guests, Airbnb is providing an alternative to traditional travel accommodation, where owners rent out their property and space to other global travellers. DesignStudio was presented with the challenge to change the shape in which the world views travel, hospitality and sharing.
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Border force - Photo: Oliver Milman/Guardian Australia

A couple of weeks ago when the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison held another press conference to tell nobody, nothing about whats not going on at any undisclosed locations where there are no boats. But the takeaway from the press conference was not interest in the new headquarters for border protection but rather the apparent new identity for the Border Force.
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A growing trend in short-term brand activations is getting traction, not just in Melbourne, but everywhere. “Pop Ups” are becoming a viable way for businesses and brands to utilise spaces in short term experiments, to keep themselves fresh, keep pushing ideas and trial things that may give them a long term edge and leg up.
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brand strategy consultancy Melbourne

A vision of the near future where the sharing economy and Internet of Things birth new networks.
In this great article on PSFK, Futurist Jeremy Rifkin presents his vision for the direction of consumerism over the next 15 years. His view is certainly an interesting one that sees us on the edge of significant change to the habits of consumers.

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Bottled drinks of all varieties are often the topic of conversation, especially in sustainability circles. Whatever your feelings are about our mass consumption and the effects of plastic pollution on the planet, plastic bottles are currently a necessary evil. And at the top of it all is the humble bottle cap (pun absolutely intended). However, brands are starting to think about new ways to utilise the bottle cap to educate us, connect us and give us more reasons to keep reusing their products.
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Millennials are the main focus for today’s marketing. They are, in a lot of cases the most targeted audience as they’re constantly plugged in and in-the-know of the next big thing. However tapping into this market is also a double-edged sword: they have seen it all and are growing impatient.

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Harley Davidson on an interesting segmentation ride

Bad Ass or not.
Harley Davidson are about to launch two new motorcycles models in US, targeted firmly at the female rider.

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