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Tesla Powerwall brand disruption

Tesla’s Powerwall Energy Storage systems and their upscale relatives for businesses and utilities are causing waves through the energy community in ways not seen since the iPhone launched and changed the way we live forever. Read the rest of this entry »

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Brand Aligned Product Extension – It’s not Rocket Surgery
There’s no doubt product line extension is critically important to engage with an increasingly splintering consumer market. For many brands, going to market with the same handful of products with broad appeal is a sure recipe for declining market share. So why do so many businesses find combining product extension strategy and brand strategy more challenging than walking and chewing gum?

Recently Australian Brewer; Coopers launched a new product line – ‘Coopers Clear’ – to the market. Clearly the product has been developed to appeal to a new target audience, and just as clearly that audience isn’t me as I’ve no idea of the value proposition from the visual cues of the packaging or the messaging in their ad campaign. What is Coopers Clear, how is it different and why should I try it are just three questions left unanswered by the product launch. But for me the biggest question of all is; why does this new product look like a generic niche beer trying to tap-into a short term trend from one of the big multi-brand brewers, and not like a new beer from Coopers?

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Instant Off-Road Kit Volkswagen Branding Design Packaging

It can be difficult to be cut–through in the cluttered world of automotive marketing, but Soho Square’s work for Volkswagen managed to get everyone talking.
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Ben and Jerry's brand

If you have a brand that is lucky enough to have a loyal and passionate group of people following you then it’s important every now and then to thank them and keep them engaged. That’s just what Ben and Jerry’s do every year with their annual Free Cone Day.

Did someone say free ice cream? Yes please!!

I’ve walked past a Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop on Free Cone Day in the past and the lines have been massive. I love Ben and Jerry’s but I’m not prepared to line up for a free scoop. But clearly I’m a minority here. You only have to watch their promo video to see how many people love the brand and appreciate that on one day every year they can get a free scoop! Read the rest of this entry »

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Former Fab exec, Bradford Shellhammer is back in the online retail business with recent launch of Bezar.

Shellhammer says that he has learned the lessons of Fab and is ensuring that Bezar will remain true to its brand and niche audience. Read the rest of this entry »

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The guy who asked ‘What’s in a name?” never had to grow a brand with a stinker.
As a brand engagement agency often assist clients with developing names for their organizations and their products, but just as often we find ourselves working with established brand names that are a millstone around the neck of the business. Brand naming is a task tied firmly to the heart strings of business founders and project leaders. There’s something about choosing a name that clients want to hold onto, with results of varying effectiveness and disaster. Often it is this emotional involvement that clouds the judgement of an otherwise disciplined marketing organization, leading to brand and business names that leave all the potential to connect with an audience and communicate their differentiated value proposition on the shelf. There’s probably a hundred compelling reasons to get your brand name right and invest in an experienced professional to assist with that – but we’ve just listed the top 10 for starters… Read the rest of this entry »

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Not all brand experiences are born equal
Which is why Pareto’s 80:20 rule needs to play-out in the way your business delivers on its brand promise every day. Every business has a number of brand touch points (functional interactions with your brand) from web site to retail space, from customer ordering to complaints department. As a brand owner or brand manager it’s critical to map your brand’s touch points and create a hierarchy of importance. Every business needs absolute clarity on the top 5 proof points (emotional interactions through the functional brand touch points) for their clients and consumers. By-way of example, for an airline those proof points might be: 01. Booking a ticket, 02. Checking-in, 03. Boarding/finding seat, 04. seat cleanliness, 05. arriving on time.

Understanding which are your critical brand proof points is the first step, turning those proof points into exceptional and memorable brand experiences is where the rubber hits the road. With a little consumer/client research and the strategic thinking of a brand engagement agency like Truly Deeply, every business can leverage their energies to create a highly effective brand experience for their consumers.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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If global craft market Etsy goes public this year it will be an interesting test to see how the brand can balance their explicit social mission with shareholder revenue expectations.

Founded in 2005, Etsy, is like the handmade and craft version of Ebay. It’s an amazing online marketplace that amplifies the concept of the local craft market globally but the brand is also rooted is a solid belief system that drives everything they do.

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Logo Back to the future

We’re pretty obsessed with Lego, you may have noticed! Lego is a brand whose packaging says suitable for aged 4 years+, but probably their biggest brand advocates are blokes 20+ reminiscing of the hours of fun from their childhood. I still buy my boyfriend Lego, he’s 31. We don’t want Lego to change. It’s simple. In a day where kids are getting googly-eyed playing with iPads and mobiles, we ponder back to the good old days, when you just make stuff with your hands and imagination. Real stuff. Cool stuff! That’s why Lego has withstood the test of time. They haven’t changed a thing! Another love of 30 year old men is Back to the Future. Like Lego, we really don’t want to see a new 2015 remake with Justin Bieber as Marty McFly, it would be criminal. What would be cool though, if Lego created their own version of the most epic and iconic scene in Back To the Future. Well they did! And it’s amazing! Read the rest of this entry »

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Olympic Games Sponsorship is no Guarantee of a Gold Medal Brand Association
Eighteen months out from the 2016 Rio Olympics, the majority of brands associated with the world’s highest profile sporting and television event aren’t actually sponsors. Whilst Olympic Sponsors; Coke, Bridgestone, McDonald’s and GE score highly in the analysis carried out recently by the Global Language Monitor, non affiliated marketers including; IBM, Siemens, Pepsi, Starbucks, Red Bull and Official Supplier (but not sponsor) Nike all score a very strong level of association. The challenge for brands and sponsorship has always been about leveraging enough positive association to justify the investment. When managed well, brand association can halo beyond the term of previous sponsorship as I’m sure is playing out to a degree in what we’re seeing here. But make no mistake, the ability of a brand to associate with a globally significant, televised event is as much about prominence, engagement and relevance as it is about a sponsorship ticket. In brand sponsorship as is in life, it’s not what you’ve got, but what you do with it.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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The Global Language Monitor: