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Road Art Great grassroots local branding

Local communities in the states have been using road art as way to engage and display the hope and spirit of neighbourhoods. The murals which are painted by the community and are popping up at intersections in many big cities also have an awesome side benefit of slowing traffic and making the junctions safer.

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The way people buy has changed, and the world of business along with it.
“The traditional approaches are now obsolete. One hundred years of marketing thoughts are gone. Alternative approaches aren’t novelty. They are all we’ve got left”
– So said business and marketing writer Seth Godin in his call to business to change the way they view their relationships with their clients and customers.

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Ice Bucket challenge

Lunchtime had been getting a little boring recently so (some of) the Truly Deeply decided to shake it up last week and got together on the balcony to dump buckets of icy cold water on each other’s heads! Luckily for us it was a balmy 21 degrees and the sun was shining. Result! The floor was almost too hot for our feet! Championed by our own Gemma D, seven of us signed up. We scoured the office frantically 10 minutes before bucket time for basins, buckets, dirty bins, anything that could make us yelp in chilling pain. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Glimpse of the Future Brand Strategy for IKEA
I read a great interview on PSFK recently (link at the bottom of this post) with Rich D’Amico, Deputy Marketing Director at IKEA USA. The interview was exploring where IKEA sees the future of home & furniture design and asks the question; ‘where do they get their drive for innovation?’ D’Amico’s answers point to the exciting convergence of technology and creativity – where else – with 3D printing, a new line of ‘connected home’ devices called HomeSmart, and consumer insight driven creativity.

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If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll get back less than we ever got.
With forgiveness for misquoting one of the more profound truisms of business, the sentiment is true of so many brands we encounter. When sitting down with a client for the first time to talk through the brand challenges they are facing, we are never happier than when they describe their category as a band of traffic lights that ‘never turn green’. Read the rest of this entry »

A recent print campaign by Volkswagen has honed in on the message that it’s impossible to focus on the road while texting. The campaign is beautiful in its simplicity of message and continues the VW tradition of incredibly intelligent communications.

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Burger Chain’s Ballsy Brand Proposition
Walking the retail streets of Boston last month I came across this window poster trumpeting the arrival of burger chain ‘b.good‘ to town. I was struck by the proposition; ‘Food from Farmers’ as a pretty ballsy brand promise for a burger chain. In Australia we have Grill’d Burgers who’ve built their brand around a ‘healthy burger’ proposition, which whilst being of questionable virtue has been unquestionably successful for them. So standing in the bright New England sun, taking-in the b.good billboard I got to wondering just how far this type of brand promise could stretch. Read the rest of this entry »

derek jeter

Few Australians would be aware of Derek Jeter and his long and illustrious baseball career. But almost all of us would be aware of the New York Yankees, probably the biggest sporting team brand in the world (save for maybe Manchester United). Jeter has been the face of the Yankees for 20 seasons and is set to retire at the end of this one. Nike has paid tribute to the shortstop and in doing so, aligned itself with the population of New York and the wider sports community.
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Within the last 24 hours Airbnb has unveiled a complete overhaul of their branding and identity, website and mobile interfaces. With 15 million guests, Airbnb is providing an alternative to traditional travel accommodation, where owners rent out their property and space to other global travellers. DesignStudio was presented with the challenge to change the shape in which the world views travel, hospitality and sharing.
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Border force - Photo: Oliver Milman/Guardian Australia

A couple of weeks ago when the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison held another press conference to tell nobody, nothing about whats not going on at any undisclosed locations where there are no boats. But the takeaway from the press conference was not interest in the new headquarters for border protection but rather the apparent new identity for the Border Force.
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