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Nivea's little sun doll parental brand engagement

Building on the brand promise of protection Nivea and FCB Brazil have created dolls that are even more sun sensitive than your average three your old, with the aim of teaching kids the importance of sun protection (and which brand they should be using).

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Is branding the most undervalued investment in business?
There’s an old marketing adage that ‘50% of all advertising works – the trick is understanding which 50%’. This wisdom predominantly addresses the dated advertising mindset of sales, but in today’s brand landscape where integrated marketing campaigns need to deliver brand engagement and increase in brand value the old 50/50 equation is no longer your best bet.

WPP brand consultancies The Partners and Lambie-Nairn have collaborated with Millward Brown and BrandZ on the world’s first financially quantified analysis of how brand-building activities drive growth in brand value. Taking ten years of BrandZ valuation data and uniquely combining this with Millward Brown consumer opinions of these brands, the findings finally prove beyond doubt what we at Truly Deeply have always believed; that investing in brand positioning and identity produces markedly greater returns in brand value when compared to, or used in conjunction with strong advertising. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Brands that stand on the shoulders of giants are not created by branding agencies, they are created by people”.

One of our clients recently launched their new brand internally and the owner of the organisation used this line in his closing words. He was giving his employees responsibility for the future of the brand, entrusting the brand with them. It was very powerful and you could feel the excitement in the room. I would add that branding agencies play a pivotal role in creating and shaping brands, we provide the structural foundations of the brand. These foundations are built on a clear strategy which is brought to life with an identity and visual language that ensures the brand sets off on the right path. We then hand over the reins to the people who live and breathe the brand everyday, the people  ensure that the brand stays true to the strategy we’ve developed. We can’t always be there every step of the way so the people need a clear direction and the right tools to ensure the brand lives on and continues to breathe. Read the rest of this entry »

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Strategic Thinking, Brand Architecture & Brand Communications Guidelines
Truly Deeply consulted with all the VCCC partners and stakeholders to build consensus and develop a compelling and authentic brand proposition. This involved one-on-one meetings and group sessions with the leadership and marketing teams of the partners, the government and the VCCC to understand different points of view, address challenges and uncover brand insights. This was combined with a market review and brand audit to define opportunities for the brand identity and architecture. Building on the brand insights and opportunities, we created a new mantra that was all about uniting the partners and the VCCC to advance the control and cure of cancer.

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Today’s post is an article written by Brandhook, good friends of ours and the sharpest brand research and insights agency around.

It is always hard when gathering insights, to measure people’s intentions.

At the end of last year a client asked us to find out what a bunch of their consumers would do based on a promotional piece they were going to implement.  The punters said they would respond… and if we had-of taken their proclamations on face value, we would have recommended the promotion.  We didn’t as it was only through prompting, prodding and probing that we uncovered the truth – the promotion made them feel good about themselves but wasn’t compelling enough to spark the action the promotion wanted.  They would stick with what they knew at the end of the day.

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Tesla Powerwall brand disruption

Tesla’s Powerwall Energy Storage systems and their upscale relatives for businesses and utilities are causing waves through the energy community in ways not seen since the iPhone launched and changed the way we live forever. Read the rest of this entry »

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Brand Aligned Product Extension – It’s not Rocket Surgery
There’s no doubt product line extension is critically important to engage with an increasingly splintering consumer market. For many brands, going to market with the same handful of products with broad appeal is a sure recipe for declining market share. So why do so many businesses find combining product extension strategy and brand strategy more challenging than walking and chewing gum?

Recently Australian Brewer; Coopers launched a new product line – ‘Coopers Clear’ – to the market. Clearly the product has been developed to appeal to a new target audience, and just as clearly that audience isn’t me as I’ve no idea of the value proposition from the visual cues of the packaging or the messaging in their ad campaign. What is Coopers Clear, how is it different and why should I try it are just three questions left unanswered by the product launch. But for me the biggest question of all is; why does this new product look like a generic niche beer trying to tap-into a short term trend from one of the big multi-brand brewers, and not like a new beer from Coopers?

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Instant Off-Road Kit Volkswagen Branding Design Packaging

It can be difficult to be cut–through in the cluttered world of automotive marketing, but Soho Square’s work for Volkswagen managed to get everyone talking.
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Ben and Jerry's brand

If you have a brand that is lucky enough to have a loyal and passionate group of people following you then it’s important every now and then to thank them and keep them engaged. That’s just what Ben and Jerry’s do every year with their annual Free Cone Day.

Did someone say free ice cream? Yes please!!

I’ve walked past a Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop on Free Cone Day in the past and the lines have been massive. I love Ben and Jerry’s but I’m not prepared to line up for a free scoop. But clearly I’m a minority here. You only have to watch their promo video to see how many people love the brand and appreciate that on one day every year they can get a free scoop! Read the rest of this entry »

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Former Fab exec, Bradford Shellhammer is back in the online retail business with recent launch of Bezar.

Shellhammer says that he has learned the lessons of Fab and is ensuring that Bezar will remain true to its brand and niche audience. Read the rest of this entry »