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Homie brand

A brand that has captured my heart recently is a new clothing store in Melbourne Central called HoMie. They stock brand new clothing to sell to the public and for every piece of clothing that’s sold one piece gets donated to a person experiencing homelessness. This is another classic example of the buy-one-give-one model which has become a popular social initiative for brands. In a recent brand workshop we discussed the viability of one of our clients adopting a similar model to differentiate their brand and give consumers another reason for brand loyalty. However, it does raise the question, if more brands start to adopt this model will it continue to be effective or will it no longer be seen as a brand differentiator? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Strongest Brands Always Walk the Talk
Brand is sometimes described as the promise made by an organisation to it’s clients and customers, a simplistic description, but one that strikes to the heart of how brands work. Whilst the most effective brands are complex, multi-layered, driven by values, built on differentiated with a consistently and clearly expressed value proposition, having all these attributes for success comes to naught if the brand does deliver on its promises. As in any kind of relationship, brand relationships are built on trust, and trust comes from striving to always do what you say you’re going to do, including through your:
• Product and service design;
• Customer Service;
• Customer experience;
Brand Identity;
Brand communications and engagement campaigns;
• The way you treat your employees;
• Pricing;
• Manufacturing and Supply Chains; and
• The way you treat the planet, society and your community.

When a brand fails to do what it promises it result is confusion, disappointment and disengagement with it’s customers and clients – the fastest way to lose loyalty and market share. But as research is now compellingly demonstrating; the path to significant increase in brand value comes from creating a differentiated and compelling brand proposition, and then delivering on that promise every day in everything you do.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Brand Book, An illustrated guide to life inside Microsoft-freakier-better

Microsoft commissioned Hugh MacLeod to create an Illustrated guide to life inside Microsoft. The awesome illustrations and the messages behind them are a great digital example of a brand book of beliefs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Keep your Brand Sponsorship to Yourself
When Australian surfer Mick Fanning survived a dramatic shark attack at the J-Bay Open in South Africa recently, the world drew a collective sigh of relief. The caught on camera and beamed around the world, real-life narrow escape, and the natural charisma of Fanning as he recounted the experience created a moment of heightened brand connection. We all marveled at the event, recounted the horror and felt a connection to Fanning as an athlete, surfer and fellow human. All this occurred in a completely natural manner, unexpected and unscripted, until Fanning later fronted the media in a planned press conference.

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Odd Bunch Woolworths Brand

Last year we featured a blog on a French supermarket chain Intermarché who launched a glorious fight against food waste with their ‘Inglorious Fruit & Vegetables’ campaign. This was a great initiative, something that Australia has been in desperate need for. For too long we’ve been caught up on how our fruit and vegetables look and not focussed on how our product choices can help to combat food waste and our local farmers. I’m pleased that one of our large supermarket chains, Woolworths is taking some steps in the right direction to combat fruit and vegetable waste by stocking imperfect produce that they are branding as The Odd Bunch. This follows a recent campaign by Harris Farm Markets called Imperfect Picks which also educates the market on imperfect looking produce. But is this enough to change consumer perception and buying behaviour and why aren’t food retailers doing more to stop this ridiculous trend?   Read the rest of this entry »

Jenny Craig - packaging re-fresh gives a fresh perspective - Cereals 3 packs RGB

Truly Deeply has helped Jenny Craig significantly improve their brand experience and shift brand perceptions with a brand refresh including a major packaging redesign.

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Truly Deeply

Truly Deeply is proud to share our brand work for the inaugural Our Watch Awards – the first national media awards to recognise exemplary reporting that ends violence against women.

Kristine Ziwica, National Media Engagement Manager, Our Watch said that the feedback from the media and our stakeholders has been extremely positive. “I’ve received a ‘wow’ and several people have commented on how it is an excellent design concept. It is appropriate to the audience and captures the principles and right tone”.

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Nivea's little sun doll parental brand engagement

Building on the brand promise of protection Nivea and FCB Brazil have created dolls that are even more sun sensitive than your average three your old, with the aim of teaching kids the importance of sun protection (and which brand they should be using).

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