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Retail brands can’t stand still. They need to constantly innovate and more importantly find ways to reach out to their audience.

Lately, we’ve seen a massive explosion of the pop up shops and gourmet food trucks, now French brand Kenzo is taking their brand to the streets with the Kenzo Fashion Bus.

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Leading the New World of Mobile for Retail Brands
Recently I came across this great article on marketing and business innovation blog PSFK that featured a study into the merchants and brands that are most effectively integrating mobile into their physical stores. The featured retails include Starbucks, Marc Jacobs, Best Buys, Walgreens, representing retail categories from fashion to pharmacy and dispelling any myths that mobile technology and the people who use it daily are suited to certain retail brands more than others. If you’re in retail and don’t have a mobile strategy in place, it’s time to say goodbye to denial and hello to these six examples to get the brain turning.

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It’s amazing how many businesses expect their customers to do what they wouldn’t. Just by telling someone you are the best or a nice shop doesn’t make them believe it.

Unless you have a credible award to back up your claim (if your selling coffee this might work – not sure anything could support a nice shop) otherwise, it’s pointless and might even work against you.

There are no short cuts to building brand loyalty. Your brand promises need to compelling but they also need to be authentic.

You need to ensure you deliver a great customer experience every time and in doing so, your customers might feel compelled to share their experience with others. This is far more powerful in attracting new customers than anything you could say about your brand.

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Bought something in-store recently? Chances are, your purchase path began online.
Today, almost 80 percent of shoppers who buy in-store start their path to purchase on web or mobile. Multi-channel shopping habits provide a new set of challenges (and opportunities) for retailers—mainly, how to convert online browsing into an in-store purchase.

With most significant purchasing decisions now including a broader consideration set than ever before, trend and business blog PSFK asks; ‘How can companies build and promote a seamless shopping experience?’ in this great exploration of one of the most compelling consumer trends of the decade. To gain some understanding, Adriana Krasniansky  from PSFK interviewed online retail consultancy; Brickwork’s CEO David Munczinski to discuss how consumers don’t separate web, mobile, and in-store channels anymore and what business and brand owners should be doing about it.

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PSFK provides a new generation of creative minds ideas to live, work and play better.

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How memorable and engaging is your brand space?
On the weekend I came across this Melbourne house designed by architect Fooi-Ling Khoo of OOF! Architecture. I was struck by how refreshingly friendly and charismatic this previously bland brick wall had become, transformed by the power of design and imagination. For many brands the use of their physical space is a vastly underutilized opportunity gone begging. Yes the corporates have pasted huge, glowing brand marks to the outside of their office towers and some retailers such as AESOP have mastered the art of creative evocative brand spaces – but for most corporate foyers/offices/meeting rooms, for most B2B showrooms & offices, and even for many retailers this degree of surprise and delight leaves them for dead.

Whether you are B2C or B2B, a Government agency or not-for-profit, wholesale, retail or corporate – how much potential is being missed in the way you currently leverage the brand asset that is your physical spaces?

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Photo: Nic Granleese.


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The Best Retailer in the World just got Better
Not content with sitting on their laurels as the worlds best retail brand (with sales/m2 markedly greater than Lululemon at number two) Apple have looked to revamp their in-store product servicing offer known as ‘The Genius Bar’. Customers experiencing any issue what-so-ever with their Mac products are already directed into their nearest store to the Genius Bar. Now the appointment-making process is about to become even easier for those with busy schedules, further minimizing frustration for those with urgent tech problems and (to Apple’s great benefit) getting more customers spending more time in their stores.

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Good Thinking + Good to Eat
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KFC plan to launch an innovative edible coffee cup into the UK market this summer. As coffee continues to be a staple add-on or usage occasion introduction for food retail, the ability to connect the beverage experience with the brand in a unique way offers a wonderful brand engagement opportunity.

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Omni channel retail brands

Omnichannel has been the buzz word in retail for some time but in many cases it seems to be more talk than action.

However, with recent technology innovation and structure changes, Gap Inc. is now one step closer to living the omnichannel dream.

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A Challenger Brand Mindset from a Big Global Bank
There’s a saying in business that if you’re not moving forwards you’re moving backwards. And on that basis, much of the retail banking sector in Australia has been struggling to keep up with the pace of change seen in categories that surround them. Sure there’s been the development of online banking and a range of (semi) new products, but broadly speaking; innovation of the customer experience has underwhelmed. European bank BNP Paribas have changed that with their new concept retail banking space in Paris. Designed by Paris-based architect Fabrice Ausset of Zoevox, the 1,000m2 branch busts through many paradigms of how a bank should look and behave. At Truly Deeply we love a good challenger brand, and as BNP Paribas demonstrate, you don’t have to be an off-the-wall internet start-up, nor run by a blonde bearded, randy entrepreneur to challenge the paradigms of your industry. What you need is an appetite to lead and the courage to create the future. Check these inspiring pics of the BNP Paribas Concept Bank after the jump…

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The Pulling Power of Design
Collecting reference for a retail branding project we’ve been working on we came across this hum-dinger of a cafe design. More specifically, it’s a stunning piece of retail attention grabbing complete with charm, quirk and stand-out street appeal. If the first task of retail space design is to get noticed (and I believe it absolutely is), this solution must be one of the most successful pieces of retail brand design I’ve come across. With retail brands there are so many million things to get right – today’s post is a reminder to us all to focus on the big things first.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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