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A UK dry cleaning company has launched a great brand gesture that is getting the lots of attention for all the right reasons.

Timpson has placed signs outside their dry cleaners across the UK offering the unemployed a free dry cleaning service to ensure they look they best for a job interview.

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As regular readers of the Madly Blog will be familiar with, we’ve been full of praise for Vinomofo’s bold use of language. It has not only disrupted the category, it has an emotional bond with its audience that most brands would be envious of.

But it seems they’re trying too hard to appeal to the urban hipsters with their ’12 days of Motherf***in’ Christmas’ (see after the jump). Read the rest of this entry »

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A Look at how Starbucks might respond to some key new consumer trends
As part of their recently released 2015 Future of Retail report, PSFK asked some creative partners to leverage their trends to rethink the functionality of some of the biggest brands in retail. The team at Bulldog Drummond used PSFK identified trends of ‘One Click Everything’, ‘Everyone Of A Kind’, ‘Be The Hub ‘and ‘Experiences Not Products’ to re-imagine how the coffee chain Starbucks might evolve to suit the next generation of consumers. The result is a smart bit of futurism with some strong glimpses of future retailing.

You can check the Bulldog Drummond Insights here:

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The Romance of this campaign is in its Swedishness
For every business who has ever advertised above the line, launching their first TV campaign is fraught with excitement and anxiety. TVC’s come with a huge price tag and for many businesses, being able to afford them in the marketing mix is a real sign of maturity, not withstanding the need to ‘get it right’ and translate that spend into the ringing of Christmas cash register bells. So when kikki.K – one of Australia’s new generation of retail super brands – launches their first TV ad, it was always going to be well considered and beautifully executed.

The emotion of Christmas memories (and are there many stronger?) have been tapped by brands ever since the first ads were penned, but the real beauty in this kikki.K ad is a wonderful Swedish dimension – not only was the ad shot in Sweden, but for the first time we hear the brand voice, narrated in a charming blend of Swedish with English sub titles and English with Swedish accent.

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Recipe to Riches Branding

With more exposure on the branding industry than ever, it’s important for people to understand the process of strategy and design without being mislead by unrealistic expectations portrayed in shows such as ‘Recipe to Riches’.

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Christmas brand ad 2014

Retailers are all scrambling to remind us that Christmas is just around the corner. For most, this is the key time of the year where they need to enhance their connection with their customers to stay top of mind and maximise their share of wallet.

Here are is selection of this season’s best Chrissy ads that deliver powerful and relevant Christmas brand story telling. Read the rest of this entry »

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American Express has long had to battle its image as being elitist and not retailer friendly, especially for small businesses. Now they are trying to change this perception by starting a movement and becoming the ambassador for local business with their campaign ‘Think big, shop small”.

This is a powerful promotion that could shift the brand’s reputation but it could also be just a massive over promise that they simply can’t deliver on.

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Truly Deeply Brand Agency

Frito-Lay brand Walkers Crisps connects social and outdoor media to create a rewarding brand gesture for fans.

In a great way to generate brand interaction, punters were encouraged to ‘tweet to eat’ and instantly given a cheeky little packet of crisps for their work.

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Where’s the Passion?
Recently I was driving to the airport and couldn’t help but notice a huge billboard on the side of a building next to the freeway. The billboard was for home and kitchenware brand ‘House’ and featured a woman and several cooking implements and a headline about ‘loving cooking’. Not a great description of the campaign I know, but my recollections reflect a) traveling at 100km/hr, and b) less than inspiring marketing. I was immediately struck by the lack of emotion and passion in the ad I was passing. Allowing for the wonderful and evocative subject of food and cooking, and even with the word ‘love’ in the headline, there wasn’t enough passion in the poster to light the bum of a single glow worm.

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Bring Back The Brand Identity
For those of us old enough to remember there was a time when retail brand Target had a well defined, well loved position in the market. They leveraged their simple and strong brand identity through everything they did and all was happy in the world of the red and white circles. But over the last decade the brand has lost its way. As consumers have changed, Target has struggled to maintain their relevance and value proposition, and at the same time consigned their powerful brand identity asset to the back of the drawer. Whether by inspiration, strategy or coincidence, the launch of their latest TVC announcing the arrival of Missoni’s range designed for the Target has seen the retail brand get back their groove.

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