Six Retailers Doing the Most to Make Mobile Part of the In-Store Experience

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Leading the New World of Mobile for Retail Brands
Recently I came across this great article on marketing and business innovation blog PSFK that featured a study into the merchants and brands that are most effectively integrating mobile into their physical stores. The featured retails include Starbucks, Marc Jacobs, Best Buys, Walgreens, representing retail categories from fashion to pharmacy and dispelling any myths that mobile technology and the people who use it daily are suited to certain retail brands more than others. If you’re in retail and don’t have a mobile strategy in place, it’s time to say goodbye to denial and hello to these six examples to get the brain turning.

Read the article on PSFK.


A little stationery shop’s big campaign for marriage equality

#ShredofDecencyA small shop standing up for equality

A small wedding stationery shop in Dublin, Daintree Paper, have recently launched an impactful campaign “A Shred of Decency” in light of the marriage equality referendum happening in Ireland next month. As the referendum is a month away, campaigning in the media has ramped up in the last number of months, on both sides of the debate.

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Brands need to focus more on action than talk

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It’s amazing how many businesses expect their customers to do what they wouldn’t. Just by telling someone you are the best or a nice shop doesn’t make them believe it.

Unless you have a credible award to back up your claim (if your selling coffee this might work – not sure anything could support a nice shop) otherwise, it’s pointless and might even work against you.

There are no short cuts to building brand loyalty. Your brand promises need to compelling but they also need to be authentic.

You need to ensure you deliver a great customer experience every time and in doing so, your customers might feel compelled to share their experience with others. This is far more powerful in attracting new customers than anything you could say about your brand.

Clorox branded racist for their emojis tweet

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Recenlty, we saw another example of how careful brands need to be when they use social media. Bleach brand Clorox damaged their clean image by being accused of being racist following poorly considered tweet.

Clorox has since apologised for what they believe was a harmless tweet. They are now desperately trying to clean up their reputation and minimise the brand damage.

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Another side to the story – a campaign to support homelessness


This is a clever outdoor campaign from Publicis London for the homelessness charity Depaul that manages to tell two different sides of the homeless story.

This campaign approach acknowledges thoughts and feeling that many people have about homelessness and then makes you think about the other side of the story. Campaigns that make you think and ponder  achieved a great feat in capturing your attention and engaging you with their message. As soon as I spotted this it had my full attention and one of the reasons why it’s so brilliant is because it’s so simple. Read the rest of this entry »

Qantas finally learns how to spell… it’s brand name

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High Flying Brand Engagement
After decades of incorrect spelling Australia’s biggest airline brand Quantas has corrected the spelling of its own name. On the first of the month Quantas announced they would be changing the spelling of their name in line with correct convention of following the letter ‘Q’ with the letter ‘u’. The announcement was of course an April Fools joke. Qantas is an acronym which was derived from the airline’s original name, ‘Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services’. A brand comfortable with taking the piss out of itself – that’s the spirit of Australia…

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Global brand Samsung creatively releases Super AMOLED screens

Samsung Product Campaign

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Yab S Super AMOLED screen, image-makers Serial Cut have launched an intriguing behind the scenes film that documents their process and shows a collaboration between digital and handcrafted worlds.

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Sagmeister & Walsh capture the colours of India for their brilliant re-branding of Frooti

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Bold Colour Captures Indian Authenticity
NY based creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh has re-freshed the visual identity, graphics, social strategy, advertising and animation graphics for Frooti, one of the largest and oldest fruit juice brands in india. The new brand imagery is all about the spectacularly bright, bold and playful color palette borne from the Indian culture. The eye popping colour palette not only provides an authentic identity for the brand design, but ensures the product stands out in the uber crowded and over-busy retail and advertising landscape of the region. This re-packaging and re-branding solution reminds us of the power of bold and brave design in creating brands that truly stand out in their market (check more examples of this memorable brand imagery after the jump…)

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Very Cool Social Collaboration – The UN & IKEA Create Flat-Pack Shelters for Refugees

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Brands Behaving with a Higher Purpose.
News this week of the IKEA Foundation‘s ongoing collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide the UNHCR with 10,000 flat-pack Better Shelter units for refugee and disaster aid through IKEA’s Housing for All Foundation provides a further indication that brands global and local continue to understand that the role they play in society as a force for good can be equally valuable in building brand equity.

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Amazon Dash: Redefining the internet of things approach to shopping

Amazon have launched their latest innovation in changing the world, with the introduction of Amazon Dash. In it’s simplest form it’s a device in your kitchen, which you press when running low on a particular kitchen necessities, like groceries or cleaning. Each consumable will have it’s own dash button and the idea is that each household will be filled with these devices. Connected to your WIFI, the button will automatically order that product, via confirmation through your online account and it arrives at your door before you run out. This is literally the future.
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