Malaysia Airlines rebranding from the inside

Malaysia Airlines Truly Deeply

When companies need to signal significant change and reset their image, rebranding is often considered. Add to this a new management and ownership structure and brand is often high on the corporate agenda.

However, Malaysia Airlines seem to have resisted the temptation to rebrand, at least in the visual sense. There is perhaps recognition that releasing a new brand image and campaign is probably the worst thing they could do, at least for now.

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Movember’s 2015 Campaign – Die young, as late as possible.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.49.08 am

Unfortunately, men’s cancer and mental health is not talked about as often as other diseases, however it is a real issue that affects many people and their families. The Movember Foundation began in 2003, and has grown from just a couple thousand followers to millions of enthusiastic supporters. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop, look, listen, fist bump


Fist pumping to cross the street is the way of the future! I’m tired of tapping (or let’s be honest, smashing) a dirty old button on my trip across the road. Spanish designers Alfredo & Alberto have installed ‘Walkbumps’ across Los Angeles to encourage safety when crossing the road as well as keeping grubby fingertips off the button. Brilliant! Who knew you could look so cool while crossing the street at the lights?

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Trademark Infringements lands Pacific Brands in Hottie Water

brand infringement

A Study in Checking for Brand Trademark Infringement
Australian lingerie company Easton Corp is going head-to-head legal with Pacific Brands over the use of the word “hottie” in relation to the underwear market. Easton Corp Pty Ltd owns the registered trademark for the word and brand “Hottie” in Australia and New Zealand for classes including; clothing, accessories, clothing and fashion design, web and digital design. Iconic Australian brand Bonds have launched a range of underwear in Australia, naming several styles “Hottie”.

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Using social media to help take the guess work out of your brand engagement.

Testing brand strategy

Taking the guess work out of your brand engagement
There’s an old advertising adage that ‘half of your advertising works, but the trick is figuring-out which half’. The whole market research industry is based-on the premise that if only we could figure-out how people will respond to your brand strategy/identity/marketing/ad campaign you could risk-proof your marketing. As anyone who has spent much of their time and money marketing will know – it just aint that simple! But the good news is that social media and digital are starting to provide us with the opportunity to remove the guess work and strategically dial-up your brand engagement. Read the rest of this entry »

Truly Deeply creates next generation home builder brand, Momu

Momu-Mark – Truly Deeply creates next generation home builder brand, Momu

Truly Deeply is proud to share our brand strategy and design work for new Perth home builder, Momu.

Momu re-imagines the home building experience from the ground up, with a tech savvy audience in mind. It’s big on customer empowerment and light on old fashioned salesmen.

Driven by a powerful belief system and distinctive identity, Momu is boldly reshaping the home building market.

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GUINNESS engages rugby fans with emotive ‘Made of More’ inspirational stories

It’s rugby season, it’s the year of Yes Equality and the best brand in the world :), Guinness have launched their most compelling and relevant campaign to date and that’s a big statement. The brand has reinforced their Made of More positioning and connected with rugby fans, Guinness drinkers and the human race through their latest brand campaign for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Read the rest of this entry »

MOMU Launches a New, Differentiated House Builder Brand into the Perth Market

branding agencies

Client News: MOMU Launches their Business and New Branding
We’re extremely proud to share the news of MOMU – the first truly next generation home builder – officially launching into the Perth market this week. MOMU is a home builder built around the idea that whilst the way most people wish to design and build their home has changed – most home builders still take the same, old school approach.

With that vision, the guys at MOMU set-out to create a house building brand that is all about empowering the buyer with everything they need including a custom home design tool on their web site that allows anyone to create their dream home down to the last detail, understanding the ramifications for price each choice makes. MOMU is big on customer empowerment and light on old fashioned salesmen – part of their offer is; “We wont call you unless you ask us too”.

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Australian feminine hygiene brands leagues ahead within the category in redefining the cultural narrative

TOM Organics
Having recently moved from the UK, I’ve been impressed by with the wide array of beautifully branded tampon brands here in Australia in comparison with the English consumer range. Ladies are utterly spoilt for choice, gorgeous packaging from TOM Organics (I may be a tad bias) to Moxie. Read the rest of this entry »

Kellogg’s hit the spot with humor, innovation and imagination

 FMCG branding

Imagination + Invention = Brand Engagement that Snap, Crackle, Pops
Global breakfast cereal brand; Kellogg’s has delivered a brand gesture worthy of their standing in the world market. So often the giant market leaders are the most lazy brand builders, taking a conservative, predictable approach to engaging their market, but Kellogg’s have blown that out of the water with this one, brilliant brand idea. Working with UK designer, inventor and artist Dominic Wilcox, Kellogg’s and Wilcox have created a range of inventions and prototypes to make breakfast time the highlight of every day.

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