A splash of Christmas love from us all at Truly Deeply

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas
Every Christmas we debate which brand has most successfully captured the emotion ans spirit of the festive season. There are always plenty of favorites, but never one ad we can all agree on. As we close our doors, shut down our macs, and switch our creative brains to snooze mode for a couple of weeks, I thought I’d leave you with this lovely piece of brand communication from John Lewis (check the clip after the jump…)

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How Marketing & Christmas lights helped Columbian Guerrillas to put down their guns

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An Inspiring TED Talk on how Marketing can be a Powerful Tool for Change
Colombia is a country of exceptional beauty and promise, and it’s also a country where the F.A.R.C. guerrilla movement has incited violence for 50 years. The human cost of the war has seen more than five million people displaced and over 200,000 soldiers, guerrillas and civilians killed. The Columbian Government had a military strategy, a legal strategy and a political strategy to end the war (all of which were failing) but the one strategy they didn’t have was a communication strategy.  They approached Jose Miguel Sokoloff from Columbian advertising and communications agency; Lowe-SSP3  to develop a multi-year marketing campaign with the goal of demobilizing Colombian FARC and other guerrilla fighters.

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Vinomofo’s Christmas cringe

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As regular readers of the Madly Blog will be familiar with, we’ve been full of praise for Vinomofo’s bold use of language. It has not only disrupted the category, it has an emotional bond with its audience that most brands would be envious of.

But it seems they’re trying too hard to appeal to the urban hipsters with their ’12 days of Motherf***in’ Christmas’ (see after the jump). Read the rest of this entry »

Ikea’s movie sleepover: An experiential marketing masterclass

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Ikea have always delivered on bringing the sense of place of their store and the Ikea experience to consumers, either through their clever light hearted advertising or imaginative ways of bringing the Ikea experience out of the ordinary, where you least expect. Read the rest of this entry »

When brands come to life

When brands come to life

Our friends on Fast Company are running a story on the worlds busiest Santa, which is worth a watch, specially this time of year. Read the rest of this entry »

Barinageddon – A great little piece of brandertainment

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Brandertainment is the new Advertising.
In a world where marketing and content are increasingly overlapping, one of the most effective ways to engage with consumers is to provide something to watch that is entertaining on its own merits. As consumers are absorbing content increasingly from digital platforms rather than traditional ones, brands who are playing in the digital world are connecting in a manner that sits between advertising and entertainment. It’s a trend we’ve coined; ‘Brandertainment‘ and have previously written about it here.

Barinageddon is a branded entertainment campaign from NRMA, which tfollows-on from their recent ‘Buy My Barina’ social media campaign.

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Sol Search – A consumer engagement tool to connect beer lovers with up-and-coming bars

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Brilliant Brand Engagement from Sol Beer
Mexican beer brand Sol has consistently built their consumer proposition around authentic Mexican beer heritage and the Espiritu Libre (Free Spirit). Owned by Heineken, the beer brand’s language can tend towards re-hashed hyperbole – a little like Mexican beer meets Harley Davidson . But what the brand may lack in true originality and authenticity, it makes-up for with this fresh pieces of brand engagement thinking; Sol Search.

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Beats pimps up the integrated campaign with social, music and celebrity brand endorsements

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Beats has always built the brand on celeb endorsement. Now, their latest campaign takes this to another level. #soselfie has some serious star power endorsement and uses social and music to build a powerful integrated campaign.

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The future of shopping: a connected online and retail brand experience

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The more I use online shopping the more I crave the physical environment of a store to browse the products, touch the fabrics and try things on. The physical retail space is still very important to me and it seems that I’m not alone. PWC recently published a report called “Connected and curated —Long live the store!” where there research found that 68 percent of Australian consumers are still primarily using physical stores as an integral part of the shopping process. Traditional stores are now adapting to the conveniences of online shopping to offer a truly connected online experience. There are some amazing new innovations set to reframe the retail shopping experience! Read the rest of this entry »

Why the best time to look at your brand is before you realize you need to look at your brand

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No such thing as an unsinkable brand.
Over the last six months we’ve been working an iconic International brand who’s been a market leader for decades in Australia. As a business they’ve always had a firm grasp on who their market are, how they think and what their most important needs are. The problem for them is that the market does not stand still – and in their case it’s shifted rather rapidly over the last few years – leaving them in a new and unfamiliar competitive landscape. But they’re not alone. Every year we work with businesses and their brands helping them come to terms with the new landscape they find themselves operating in, with an urgent need to re-discover their relevance.

Whether it’s new technology, new competitors or shifts in consumer lifestyle and mindset – the world brands live in is constantly changing. But for most brand owners and managers the shift in landscape takes them by surprise. Sometimes it is a subtle change of consumer sentiment over a decade that leaves them exposed, sometimes its a competitor who has slowly grown through a proposition and marketing strategy that subtly shifts the market. There can be a thousand different reasons for a market to change, and if you realize too late, it’s a hell-of-a-job to win back market share.

Recently I was asked to comment on the latest crop of ‘micro-brands’ appearing across almost every category. My response was that this was nothing new. For the last thirty years at least we’ve seen the constant innovation of brands. Small brands grow bigger, big brands grow global, brands of all sizes loose their way and their relevance and fade-away, and germs of new ideas turn into new micro-brands, often connecting with a new need or desire that has evolved in a market.

The task for brands of all sizes is to stay across the changes that are happening in their markets, to stay involved with their consumers lives and to understand how they must also evolve to stay relevant and valued. Over more than a decade we worked with King Island Dairy – a much loved FMCG brand in Australia. Every year the brand owners invested in market research in order to have deep conversations with the market. The research insights regularly drove changes to packaging design, marketing strategy and product development. There is no better way to stay in touch with those people most important to the success of your business, and arguably no more important task for a CEO or Board to ensure the equity and business value of the brand is maintained.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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