Lyft brand symbol shifts from a pink furry moustache to a glowstache

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Having an iconic brand symbol is important to build brand awareness and help distinguish your service. But while Lyft’s furry moustache was helping the brand stand out, it was not necessarily for the right reasons.

Uber competitor, Lyft has always been a whimsical and irreverent brand. The pink moustache replaced a traditional logo and the pink furry facial hair was the only real branded element that appeared on otherwise random cars. The oversized facial hair has been most visual representations of the brand from the start. But it is time for change. Read the rest of this entry »

Iconic Triple Hottest 100 identity crisis – Happy Australia Day!

Triple J hottest 100

I’m not an avid Triple J listener but I must admit there is one day of the year that I tune in and listen to the station – Australia Day. The Triple J Hottest 100 has become synonymous with Australia Day and almost as traditional as a cold beer and a snag on the BBQ. I wouldn’t say that I’m the core target market of the station but I do enjoy a lot of the music they play. Over the past few weeks there has been some debate as to which musicians can be a part of the hottest 100 list, this has been sparked by a Buzzfeed article campaigning for Taylor Swift to win the hottest 100 competition with #tay4Hottest100.

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Why Jim Collins was right; ‘Open Minded’ is the Right Strategy for Brands

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Versatility is the new Black in Branding
All brands start life with a product and a customer (hopefully lots of custo0mers). But when your market shifts, new competitors appear or technology takes the value right out from under your consumer value proposition, great brands know how to shift, re-set with a new proposition and grow again.

Jim Collins in his classic business bible; ‘Good to Great’ makes the case for many global Goliath brands that started out in one category before shifting to a more fruitful product or service to find their greatness. By uncoupling your skill, talent and experience set from your current brand offering you can identify new and greater opportunities where you hold an unfair advantage through your lateral entry into a new category. This is how disruptive brands are born.

Sometimes the best strategy for a brand is versatility.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Consumer group crashes the Doritos Super Bowl competition

Doritos crash Super Bowl

Consumer group movement SumOfUs is targeting the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition with an ad making the brand and the parent company PepsiCo accountable for their use of Palm Oil. At first the ad looks like an entry for the Crash the Super Bowl campaign but then turns out to be an attack on the brand and their use of Palm Oil. Each year Doritos hold a crash the Super Bowl campaign calling for consumer generated content. Given the high profile nature of the brand, super bowl and the competition this is a great platform for the consumer advocacy group to bring the issues to the world stage. I think that this approach is brilliant, why shouldn’t we as consumers hold brands accountable and demand that they treat the world better? After all, consumers have the power we just need to unite and make brands listen to our demands. Read the rest of this entry »

How a little design studio in Australia attracted Two Million web site hits

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My How Times Have Changed – The Online Brand Revolution
Recently we passed 2 million hits on the Truly Deeply web site. Back in 2009 when we launched our updated site and blog – if you’d told us we were going to have that many people in our online community we’d have thought you were nuts. But 5 years and 1400 posts later we’ve reached this amazing milestone.

When working with brand clients we often challenge them to do something truly world class – something that reinforces their consumer brand proposition and that demonstrates their passion and expertise. When the eyes start to roll we like to talk about about our little Brand/Design Blog and how through our own unending passion and dedication we’ve grown it to be one of the most widely read in the world.

From the first week after launch in 2009 when no-one but my Mum visited, the site has grown and we’ve grown along with it, each fueling the other. In the five years since launch our home page has had almost 100,000 unique views, our folio of work 21,000 and our three most popular blog posts have had 16,000 (Johnny Walker – A top shelf brand), 15,800 (Adidas vs Nike – A battle of brand association) and 11,400 (25 Killer custom typefaces) unique views. But the real hero has been the breadth and depth of our brand and design articles, which have drawn direct and indirect readers from all over the world wide interweb.

As we set ourselves for the next amazing five years of building businesses through brand, we are reminded of the power of the web to change business and the breadth of the blue sky filled with amazing and wondrous potential. We’re genuinely excited about what lies ahead and look forward to sharing it with you in 2015 and beyond.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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This girl can – a campaign to inspire women to get active

This girl can 9

Sport England has recently released a campaign called This Girl Can – an edgy campaign to promote exercise and sport to women. It tackles issues of self esteem and fear of women participating in sport and getting sweaty. I love this campaign it makes me want to get outside and just run and give anything a go! We do a lot of work with clients who’s target market is overweight women and a lot of the insights we get back is about women feeling too big and self conscious to exercise. It’s easy to see why, when they are bombarded with images of women with perfect abs in the latest gym fashion barley breaking a sweat.

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Kiss or Kiis – is one letter enough to avoid brand confusion?

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After 12 months, ARN has done what everyone expected and extended the Kiis brand to Melbourne. Today, Mix 101.1 was relaunched as Kiis 101.1. Now Melbourne has two stations with essentially the same name, albeit slightly different spellings.

The David and Goliath legal battle has now been settled with an agreement that both stations can co-exist in the same market but it still seems less than ideal.

Will this cause brand confusion and what impact will this have on both stations? Read the rest of this entry »

There’s a Perfect Personality for Every Brand – You just have to know what you’re looking for

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Wine and people are not so different
As this wine label demonstrates, a little personality goes a long way towards brand engagement. It’s likely customers in this category have a preferred wine brand, region and price point that directs their purchase behavior, but increased engagement at shelf acts to disrupt the subconscious purchasing process, leading to increased consideration whereby they are far more likely to consider; “Maybe I should try this one” regardless of fit with ingrained behavior.

We often get resistance when talking brand personality from business owners and brand managers who believe personality is only relevant for youthful, humorous and irreverent brands. But in reality there are as many different types of brand personalities as there are target audiences – the question is more about finding the right personality – rather than being the brand in the room with no personality at all.

Brand Personality
Heightened Brand Engagement
Increased Consideration + Sales Conversion + Loyalty


Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Adriano Zumbo laughs in the face of negative reviews

Adriano Zumbo Brand 1

In a bold move Adriano Zumbo decided to highlight negative comments on the hoarding surrounding his new location at Emporium, Melbourne. It defiantly stopped me in my tracks while I was doing my Christmas shopping! Every brand needs to be aware of what their customers are saying about them online. As a brand you can’t get away with ignoring comments and reviews and in most cases your new customers will see what people have said about you before they decide to try your brand. This is especially true within the food service industry. Although sometimes you have to wonder if some people go over the top with their reviews and overdramatise their experience because they can hide behind a computer screen. Read the rest of this entry »

Coca-Cola Israel launches campaign to celebrate the individuality of millions of diet drinkers

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2 Million Unique Packaging Designs
One of the trends in retail we’ve discussed previously is the shift towards a market of one – where the retail experience is curated for each individual customer. As a concept there are plenty of brands looking at this exciting space, including global soft drink giant; Coke. Israeli Diet Coke drinkers will have the opportunity to choose a unique bottle design, different from all others – even if only slightly.

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