Is your brand creating healthy competitive tension?

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This brand thing is a two way street
Whilst almost every business in the universe has become so completely fixated with serving the needs of their clients and customers, it’s time to remember that business is a two way street. Yes our customers are important, and yes there has never been more competition for them than there is today, but if we are doing our job properly, then we have a valuable product they need, want or desire. And that being the case, maybe it’s time to create a nice, healthy sense of competitive tension in your market. Whether it’s a limited offer, a reward for those who show you the most love, or some clever profile grouping – like our soon to be no-longer homeless entrepreneur pictured above – the most valuable question you might ask yourself this week is; ‘What are we doing to create a little, healthy competitive tension in our market?’

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Burger King Builds an Integrated Campaign around the Power of a Guilty Secret

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The Power of a Guilty Secret
For 20 years, Burger King New Zealand has built their brand around The Whopper, it’s the  burger of choice for many Kiwis. So when Burger King NZ needed to ask them to put that love and loyalty to one side and try their new TenderCrisp Chicken Burgers, they were faced with a serious challenge. The answer was to create an excuse for people to cheat on their Whopper.

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Meet the pears – quirky sock brand embraces the odd


Odd Pears sell socks in Pears, not pairs.
A Pear is three individual socks, two matching, one odd. It encourages the expression of individuality.  Read the rest of this entry »

The world of Brand Loyalty has changed and the numbers aren’t pretty

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The World of Brand Loyalty Has Changed
Is there a more important metric for a brand’s effectiveness than loyalty? We define loyalty as simply ‘a strong feeling of support or allegiance’ and when applied to a brand that connection equates directly to increased purchase, longevity of commercial relationship and recommendations to others through ‘word of mouth’ and these days through ‘word of mouse’. But the world of loyalty for brands has changed. New consumer behavior is redefining what we view as ‘contemporary loyalty’. With more information, consumers have seized control and are more open to the wide choices in the marketplace, greatly reducing their level of loyalty to any particular brand. With research showing a huge 78% of Western Consumers are not loyal to any particular brand, the challenges and opportunities for marketing and brand managers have never been greater.

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Another successful Art with Heart charity event!


After a successful night and many sore heads, we are pleased to announce most of the artworks have now sold and we will be contacting the successful bidders! There are still some pieces available, so we have set up a gallery on our Facebook  so you can still see the artworks and make a purchase on these pieces. First in best dressed!

To purchase please email with your price and contact details and we will contact you.

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Partying with Good Cycles in the name of Art

A few sore heads around the place this morning. Fair to say we’ll be a little slow to get going this morning. Had a ripping night last night at our Art with Heart, hanging with clients, friends, family and the Good Cycles Crew.

Whilst we’re getting our groove, we thought you’d enjoy this:

Dink = Bike + Love

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Art with Heart 2014

1 Love-Makes-The-Wheels-Go-Round---David-Ansett.jpg

The countdown is on as we are about to open the Truly doors on our 15th annual Art with Heart exhibition. 
Our chosen non-for profit organisation this year will be the fantastic team at Good Cycles, all profits from the night will be donated to them. Ride your bike to work day could not have been a better coincidence! 

We have set up a gallery on our Facebook for those who cannot make it in person, so you can still view the artworks and get involved with the blind auction online.  View the gallery here. 

To place a bid please email with your bid and contact details by 9pm tonight – 15th of October.

Thanks for your support!


Kitchen & Homeware brands fail to connect with the emotions of food

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Where’s the Passion?
Recently I was driving to the airport and couldn’t help but notice a huge billboard on the side of a building next to the freeway. The billboard was for home and kitchenware brand ‘House’ and featured a woman and several cooking implements and a headline about ‘loving cooking’. Not a great description of the campaign I know, but my recollections reflect a) traveling at 100km/hr, and b) less than inspiring marketing. I was immediately struck by the lack of emotion and passion in the ad I was passing. Allowing for the wonderful and evocative subject of food and cooking, and even with the word ‘love’ in the headline, there wasn’t enough passion in the poster to light the bum of a single glow worm.

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Belgian ad campaign finds a memorable way to sell sun smart message

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The Midnight Switch – A Cheeky Brand Campaign
The challenge for any creative and brand agency working in the health space on sun smart messaging is the same; ‘how do we get those at risk from over-exposure to the sun to sit-up and take notice of this important health message?’. This Belgian Cancer Foundation has come-up with a refreshing approach to the challenge, creating a memorable, charming and engaging idea to build an awareness campaign around.

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BBC and the stars align for some brand brilliance

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The BBC has always been a standout national broadcaster that many nations have tried to benchmark against. Now, they are reasserting their music dominance not only in the UK, but also on the global stage with the BBC Music brand launch.

This is an impressive brand gesture that leverages the strength of some of the world’s biggest artists to further cement the BBC’s reputation for creative and entertainment leadership. Best of all, this doesn’t just promote BBC’s new music service but also lifts the profile of all of all of BBCs services.

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