Fashion Retail Meets Technology in Ralph Lauren’s New Smart Dressing Rooms

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The Smart Technology Trend Continues for Retail Brands
As retail brands continue to look at innovating their spaces to create stronger and more engaging customer experiences, Ralph Lauren in New York has gone high tech. The dressing room lights brighten when a customer enters and can be adjusted to imitate different environments, such as dusk or a club. The dressing room mirror shows images of the clothing the customer is carrying when they enter the dressing room. A button in the dressing room also lets customers alert a sales person to their needs. The interactive mirror allows consumers to see the products in question in different sizes and colors. and provides styling recommendations based on the products selected.

Ralph Lauren’s the latest retailer to get interactive in its dressing rooms. Prada, Nordstrom and Macy’s are three of the major brands to have experimented with this smart change room technology, which beyond adding layers of engagement to the customer experience also collects valuable data on customer product selection and purchase.

In the ongoing battle to build stronger, more engaged customer relationships, you can bet more smart retail brands will be looking to this kind of technology.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder & Creator of Brands
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Little Fish workshop – Engaging our brand with our culture 


Truly Deeply and 14 student and grads participated in the Little Fish self promotional workshop last Wednesday evening. After a really exciting session, we had a wonderful response from both staff and students. We take a quick look at where the idea came from and how we like to give back to the emerging design community.

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30 disturbing old ads you’d never see on Madmen

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What were they thinking? Frighteningly Insulting Retro Advertising.
If advertising campaigns reflect the values of society at a particular point in time, then these ads from last century show us what a racist, sexist, ignorant and insulting hundred-odd-years they were. From selling fire-arms to children, using doctors to sell cigarettes, and condescending sexism to sell just about anything to the little old housewife, with the benefit of 21 Century hindsight it’s surprising the ad industry was able to sell much of anything to anyone. I wonder if we look back on today’s campaigns in another hundred years whether we might have further evolved as a society to make our current set of social values seem equally out of whack.

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Arnott’s fine for misleading packaging a warning to other brands

Truly Deeply packagingIconic Aussie biscuit brand caught out for misleading customers with inflated health claims on pack.
Arnott’s has been fined $51,000 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for claims on its Light & Crispy packaging. If you are making claims on your packaging you might want to check how genuine they are – or you could be next!

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Aunt Maggie’s – a brand bringing the community a little soul and some great produce

aunt maggies - retail brand

An authentic retail brand experience is what you’ll get when you walk in to an Aunt Maggie’s store.
Aunt Maggie’s organic food store is a brand that fills your heart and tummy with goodness. All the best produce and a wide selection of organic and ethical food available to the public, this one stop shop has nailed their retail space and shopping experience.

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Creative Recruiters Interview Series talks to Truly Deeply Founder Dave Ansett

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The Interview Series : Part One from Creative Recruiters
Creative Recruiters is part of a wide and eclectic industry occupied by some truly extraordinary people, many of them brimming with wisdom and insight. They decided we’d ask some of these leaders, sages and expert practitioners for a little bit of the knowledge they’d gathered over many years plying their craft and leading their own ventures

They didn’t want to waste their time with the sort of questions you’ve heard a thousand times before, so they decided to think laterally. They made their questions deliberately provocative and asked three interviewees to be as candid with their answers as they were willing to be. First cab off the rank are design and branding experts – David Ansett from Truly Deeply, Andrew Ashton from Work Art Life and Grant Davidson from Davidson Design.

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Food photography and manipulation in advertising: Why do we accept knowingly being lied to?


The rise of photo manipulation is changing our perception of the images we see all around us, but are these changes for better or for worse?
“I am far from saying that a photograph must be an actual, literal and absolute fact…but it must represent truth.” – Henry Peach Robinson. Photo manipulation covers a spectrum of techniques used within a wide variety of industries. It is often referred to as “retouching” or “airbrushing”.

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Why Customer Loyalty is the new Customer Acquisition

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Business Can No Longer Afford Traditional Customer Acquisition Strategies
“It’s no longer a game of what brand a retailer can grow fastest, but who can keep their existing customer happiest” explains digital loyalty expert Sarah Judd Welch in PSFK’s recently released Future of Retail 2016 Research Report (which you can find here).

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Leveraging brand equity from golden moments of the everyday punter.

Brand Equity

Are you a Brand Ambassador  just waiting to happen?
You may have recently seen the news footage of a rain drenched race filly stripping down to her underwear at the spring racing carnival’s famous Oaks Day.  It was the display of a free spirited woman who in true racing tradition was dared by a friend to strip down for a lazy $10 during a monstrous down pour at Flemington.  After seeing so many over styled celebrities during the entire Spring Racing carnival it was refreshing to see a woman wobbly bits and all prancing around in the rain in her high waisted knickers and bra.

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Western Sydney University Brand Campaign joins the refugee conversation

Western Sydney University, brand campaign

A brand campaign with a timely insight into the hardship faced by refugees and a reminder of the role Australia can play.
Western Sydney University formerly University of Western Sydney has given an amazing insight into the life of refugees and the role that Australia can play with their Unlimited campaign. The campaign has a series of TVC spots showing the journey of graduates through their life and the role the university has played in their success. One ad is particularly hard hitting and emotional as it follows the story of a Sudanese refugee.

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