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Toto – We’re not in Kansas Anymore
In case you missed the email – the world for brands has changed… permanently… and change will continue to be the only constant. The role of brand is first and foremost to engage with the consumer which has evolved from one way communication (speaking to the consumer) to two way communication (that begins with listening to the consumer). Without doubt brands must fit seamlessly into the life of their consumer, which presents an ever-increasing challenge as the channels to market continue to evolve and shape shift. A key attribute of brand owners, managers and custodians is to play-it loose, staying close to their consumers and shifting effortlessly with them. Responsive Icons/Logos/Brand Mark design are indicative of this state of mind. With so many digital channels from PC to TV, laptop to tablet and smartphone to watch, the world of brand connection demands brands be able to present themselves in an ever-more responsive manner.

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