Truly Deeply Creative – Austbrokers Annual Report

annual report design

Austbrokers Holdings Ltd is a diversified and vertically integrated company operating across the full spectrum of risk management and insurance. We were engaged by Austbrokers to re-frame their brand to align with the vision of the business and communicate that vision to business partners, their clients and the investment community. This annual report was the first time the business communicated with their shareholders using the new brand visual language. Read the rest of this entry »

iinet: customer brand champion

iinet's customer first brand

iinet legally supports infringing customers
innet has again positioned itself as the uniquely customer centric telco brand. After recently loosing the court case with the studio behind the Dallas Buyers Club. It continues to turn brand lemons into lemonade by announcing it will directly, legally support any customers that have their details supplied to the studio. Read the rest of this entry »

Brand Loyalty is Dead – Long Live Brand Engagement

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Where’s The Brand Loyalty Gone?
Consumer research tells us that brand loyalty is diminishing at a rapid rate. 78% of western consumers no longer have loyalty to any one brand in any category. Brands who a decade ago shared trusted and valued relationships with their clients and consumers are finding those same relationships have become transactional. Once the ultimate symbol of brand affinity, it seems even brand tattoos are losing their status.

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Stile Italiano – Peroni builds online presence


Carlton & United breweries (CUB) premium beer brand Peroni gets going with their online presence by recently starting a blog and shifting from traditional marketing to now publishing their brands partnerships, events and significant influencers online. SapientNitro digital agency has created an online presence for Peroni through social media, digital displays and it’s first Australian website. Read the rest of this entry »

Volvo flexes their Swedish brand pillar with Avicii to engage a new audience.

brand launch, brand engagement

Branded song becomes campaign: Two Swedish brands come together for a new beginning.

Swedish DJ and producer Avicii joins the Swedish car brand Volvo to promote the all new Volvo XC90, with his new single ‘Feeling Good’.

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Snickers campaign engages New Yorkers by identifying local urban design mistakes

 brand engagement activation

You make mistakes when you’re hungry
Confectionery brand Snickers continues to build on their global brand communication platform of ‘Snickers Satisfies’ with this campaign from NYC. The Snickers consumer value proposition of being a hunger buster above and beyond a chocolate bar has translated into a number of global advertising campaigns. This latest integration takes the big advertising idea and re-configures it into a more intimate and localised expression – and in the battle to create brand loyalty through meaningful customer relationships, the level of brand engagement that this campaign delivers makes it a shining example of brand activation. The campaign strategy demonstrates the increasing use of multi-channel advertising where an out-of-home campaign is activated to generate digital engagement and online sharing.

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Pantone beer is here!

Pantone Beer Packaging Branding PMS

Beer cans have been taken to a whole new creative level with Pantone coloured packaging! Inspired by the much-loved Pantone swatches, a designer has matched the labels of beer cans with the colour of the brew within.

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Smart Dutch start-up ‘Add My Window’ brings consumers to the advertising table

brand activation

Dutch start-up Add My Window is putting advertising posters into people’s front windows.
Anyone with a public facing window can hook-up with the company to rent the space out to companies looking for alternative ad space in the area. As brands look for new channels to connect with their audiences, ‘local’ advertising products are becoming highly valued, and at the same time, consumers are getting a small slice of the advertising pie.

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#ChocPlusWhat – Cadbury Dairy Milk joins forces with Vegemite


We are happy little Vegemite’s… with a sweet tooth!

There has been some speculation whether or not Cadbury Dairy Milk would join forces with Vegemite, and last week the chocolate powerhouse announced it will create a Vegemite flavoured chocolate bar that will hit the shelves in June or maybe sooner. Audrey Green explains the reason behind the bizarre idea in a statement describing its loyal customers with an “appetite for new flavours”. Green goes on to explain; we also read and listen to hundreds of comments we get from fans every day asking us for more flavours and suggesting new ones. We have seen a flavour trend towards sweet and salty combinations and felt it was time to put that to the test and create an Australian twist”. The new chocolate bar will taste like caramel with a hint of Vegemite flavour; similar to salted caramel, minus the salty and yeasty aftertaste that Vegemite is famous for. Read the rest of this entry »

Samsung’s great piece of brand engagement for Mother’s Day

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Amongst all the cringe worthy ads bombarding us this Mother’s Day, Samsung stood out, beautifully connecting both mums and their siblings with the brand.

With brands struggling to remain relevant, smart brand engagement is crucial. The Samsung ad, ‘#TextsFromMom’ is great reminder that once you truly get your audience, it makes it easy to genuinely engage with them.

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