Is Net-A-Porter’s Mark Sebba the world’s most loved CEO?

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In front of every great brand is a great leader
All of the world’s leading brands have at their helm a visionary leader. The ability of a business leader to engage his workforce and inspire them to lift the business to great heights is a critical part of every great brand. When I think of local uber brands such as kikki.K, Mecca Cosmetics and Grill’d I immediately associate them with their founders and leaders, who inspire their staff to greatness day-in and day-out. Whether leading a brand through change, growth or simply taking the role as the lead brand story-teller, a brand without a leader is like a boat without a rudder.

When Net-A-Porter’s much loved CEO, Mark Sebba retired recently, his staff around the globe were moved to choreograph a remarkable send-off for him. Executive Chairman and Founder of the Net-A-Porter Group, Natalie Massenet explains that she and fellow execs wanted “an amazing and personal tribute to this incredible man who has run our business for the last 11 years. We wanted him to feel how much we love him and give him the recognition he deserves – and to make him immortal in the digital world.”

The truly remarkable farewell was videoed and recently release on youtube (watch after the jump…)

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Branding Father’s Day 2014

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With Father’s Day coming up in Australia, it’s another chance for retail brands to get us to spend.
Who do you think is doing a good job of connecting their brand with Father’s Day?

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GAP brand belief inspires Dress Normal campaign

GAP brand beliefs

In creating, shaping and reshaping brands we often stress the importance of building a solid belief system.

While beliefs are primarily intended to guide and direct internal audiences, they can also play a powerful role in inspiring external communication as GAP shows us in their latest campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

Fitness Game Changing Brand


The next generation of fitness tracking has arrived with a gym that monitors your movement during your workout to give you a score based on your performance. Be warned this is highly addictive, lots of fun and pushes you to your limits. Versus uses 3D cameras, motion sensors and TV monitors to provide real-time feedback on users’ exercise techniques and efforts and scores individual’s overall performance based on personal best scores and other people in the gym. Plus we’re even more excited about this innovative brand because we’ve been working on the brand for the last 12 months.

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20 of the best Ads on Wheels

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Ode to the creative truck/bus/taxi ad
As a branding agency we spend most of our lives living, breathing and dreaming of ways to communicate brands in ways that have relevance and value to the lives of our client’s consumers. As the world changes, we surf the wave of new technologies, new mediums and new ways of communicating. But we are sometimes reminded that in the charge to stay abreast of the new there are still some classic brand communication channels that are easily overlooked. Truck, bus and taxi cab advertising may not qualify as new media, but as a channel to market it can still provide for cut-through creativity as these 20 beauties demonstrate.

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Brand Reviews – Fake, Real or Simply Enticed

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Last week ‘The Age’ newspaper reported that Australia’s largest home builder Metricon is suing a product review website for publishing misleading reviews about its main competitor without disclosing they were solicited as part a promotion to win an iPad mini. Read the rest of this entry »

Altai typeface design: A modern tribute to traditional craftsmanship.


A Beautiful New Typeface Design
Finnish studio Werklig creates a quirky, unique typeface to promote Altai – a crystal glass series by designer Mari Isopahkala, that pays homage to the tradition of handcut glass.

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Inglorious Fruit & Vegetables – How brands can connect consumer sentiment with a greater good

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Food Wastage Madness – How Did We Get Here?
How on earth did we ever arrive at the point where producers throw away 300 million tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables just because of appearance. Somehow the global supermarket chains have hijacked the food chain and are making incredibly wasteful decisions – all on our behalf. Well French supermarket chain Intermarché has launched a glorious fight against food waste with their ‘Inglorious Fruit & Vegetables’ campaign.

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Wicked brand personality goes too far

Wicked campers

Wicked Campervans have a history of being criticised for their racists, sexist and violent slogans spray-painted on their vans which act as moving billboards. With slogans such as “Women are like banks — once you withdraw you lose interest” and “A wife: an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done” it’s not surprising that they have been subject to public ridicule. Until recently the brand has defied critics, advertising standards regulators and community driven campaigns. Read the rest of this entry »

Nike underscores their ‘design’ brand credential with World Cup typography


Creating Remarkable Brand Design Gestures
A big thanks to NIKE from all of us who burned the midnight oil watching the World Cup for making our viewing all that much more pleasurable. If you’re a World Cup fan and you have the misfortune to be in Australia for the tournament you have no choice but the stay-up until all sort of ungodly hours to watch the matches. If you’re a typography fan, then you’ll almost certainly have noticed the work NIKE did for the 2014 Cup, designing several custom fonts for team kits including two collaborations with renowned graphic designers, Wim Crouwel (Netherlands) and Neville Brody (England).

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