Camping or Glamping? Homecamp has you covered.

Homecamp events

Camping has never looked so luxury. With a little help from Homecamp, it’s never been a better time to head outdoors with your friends and family this summer. 

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Trustworthy, Exciting, Sexy, Caring – Which Brands Own These Associations in the Minds of Consumers?

consumer sentiment

What Consumers Really Think About Brands
We all carry associations that form the context for our relationships with the brands in our lives. There are brand relationships we inherited from our parents (often political, automotive and food), there are those we shared with our friends and peers (fashion, technology and health and fitness), and the ones we discovered ourselves. These brand associations create a personal lens that colours the way we see brands, and when grouped into markets of consumer sentiment they provide the adrenaline that drives brands to grow or lose market share.

We regularly leverage an interesting web site called ‘’ which collects thousands of word associations from brands across every category. The opportunity to observe real consumer sentiment en-mass provides some highly interesting insights across brands and categories.
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Frank Body. A Coffee Scrub Revolution.


An Australian skincare brand is turning ground coffee beans into a body scrub. Sold inside a brown paper bag. Who would have thought?  Read the rest of this entry »

24 Show Stopping Shopping Bags – A Brilliant Brand Engagement Opportunity

creative branding agencies

Brilliant Retail Branding Billboards
From fresh baked bread to adult entertainment, weight loss to health and fitness, you might be surprised how many categories can leverage the engagement power of the shopping bag. With off-shore production significantly reducing the cost of printing these brilliant little moving bill-boards, there’s no longer a reason for any brand to settle for a boring, plain paper bag. And as this collection of 24 of our favorite shopping bag designs goes to show – with a creative spark, every brand can turn-up the engagement dial up-to eleven.

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RACV good Samaritan gesture delivers priceless brand engagement

Truly Deeply brand engagement

RACV lives their tagline ‘we’re there for you’ and builds significant brand appeal.

During the weekend, the RACV brand got a major boost and it wasn’t due to any stunt, advertising or social activation.

This is a genuine example of RACV living their brand beliefs and as a result building valuable brand engagement with their members as well as many potential customers.

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Truly Deeply creates tasty brand identity and packaging for Soulful Soup

food packaging design studio

A brand identity packed full of richness and flavour

A perfect blend of contemporary feel with a sense of tradition, the Soulful Soup brand identity is as rich and flavoursome as the product.

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ITV2 channel has refreshed their look with a fun, flexible and dynamic rebrand


Entertainment channel ITV2 has rebranded as it looks to appeal to a younger audience and implement a digitally led promotional model.

ITV2 is a 24-hour, free-to-air entertainment television channel and more commonly known as the naughty sibling of the ITV family in the UK. ManvsMachine have created a ‘badly behaved’ channel brand system that disregards the norms of scheduling. This is aligned with the introduction of the channels new tag line to support the redesign – ‘TV. And Then Some’.

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21 Information Graphics to Inspire and Engage

corporate publication agencies

The Craft of Engaging Information Design
As a branding agency we’re not just about identity design; we spend much of our time working with annual report and corporate publication design, where we are tasked with not only communicating an overwhelming flood of data, but engaging the audience to stop, read, and connect. Much of the craft of this type of design is around creating visual hierarchy, an order to the information that helps the time and attention poor reader make sense, grasp an overview and decide whether or not to delve deeper. One of our most effective tools in this task is designing infographics. At their best, infographics capture imagination and breath colour and life into the text, drawing the reader into the content with a level of interest the often dry copy could never hope to achieve. I’ve pulled together a collection of instructional, amusing, educational and downright inspiring information graphics… enjoy.

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Is the global movement to ban urban billboards a passing phase or the future?

retail brand strategy

A world without advertising billboards – Reality or Fantasy?
Believe it or not there’s something of a global movement happening with the goal to remove advertising billboards from our cities and urban areas. First it was São Paulo, then Chennai, Grenoble, Tehran, Paris and now New York (arguably the home of outdoor advertising) are experiencing community driven movements to ban outdoor advertising. São Paulo was the first city to turn sentiment into policy when in 2007, Mayor Gilberto Kassab implemented the ‘Clean City Law’, classifying outdoor advertising as ‘visual pollution’ and removing 15,000 billboards and 300,000 over-sized shop front signs in a single year. Many of the spaces left vacant by the removed billboards were replaced by street art such as the pic above, but given the proliferation of advertising throughout every urban city the world over, and the combined political clout of the advertisers, does this movement have enough steam to battle the headwinds?

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Truly Deeply creates brand for new app Kombie

Truly Deeply Brand Design

Brand identity brings new social mobile app to life.

Truly Deeply’s brand positioning and identity work is helping Kombie to stand out and become the next big thing in the competitive social app world.

Kombie founder Stuart Berwick, said that “The Kombie brand identity has already received universal approval, including kudos from major brands in the entertainment industry in the US. Kombie looks modern, unisex(y), cool but also importantly, understated – the brand is the perfect market fit.”

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