The ‘Real’ Apple Store


London’s Borough Market, one of the oldest markets in the U.K., is marking its 1,000th anniversary this year and in conjunction with it’s annual Apple Day (a festival that marks the end of apple harvesting season) with a real treat for shoppers by creating a “Real Apple Store” for the weekend.

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Let’s give smaller product brands a fair go

Lychee Gold Cider

I recently stumbled across my new favourite cider brand at Taste festival in Melbourne, Lychee Gold. At an event where Rekorderlig was plastered everywhere I’m surprised that this small brand got a look in edgewise but by the end of the first night the small cider supplier seemed he might be hard pressed to keep up with the demand. I was delighted by this brand, the product tasted amazing and Alan who was behind the counter was so genuine no wonder I went back three times!!

Small product brands have so much to offer, let’s give them a fair go! 

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Melbourne’s Mix 101.1 to rebrand to Kiis 101.1 in 2015

chrissieswan mix 101.1

I was very disappointed to learn on my drive to work earlier this week that the Chrissie and Jane show on Mix 101 would cease to exist in 2015. Calls poured in with listeners who were devastated that they wouldn’t be listening to Chrissy and Jane in 2015. As I listened to these loyal callers I wondered if it was a personal decision by the presenters. As it turns out the station is re-branding and have appointed hosts to help them shift their positioning in the market. Read the rest of this entry »

Retail brand kikki.K’s first TVC captures the spirit of Swedish Christmas

integrated marketing campaign

The Romance of this campaign is in its Swedishness
For every business who has ever advertised above the line, launching their first TV campaign is fraught with excitement and anxiety. TVC’s come with a huge price tag and for many businesses, being able to afford them in the marketing mix is a real sign of maturity, not withstanding the need to ‘get it right’ and translate that spend into the ringing of Christmas cash register bells. So when kikki.K – one of Australia’s new generation of retail super brands – launches their first TV ad, it was always going to be well considered and beautifully executed.

The emotion of Christmas memories (and are there many stronger?) have been tapped by brands ever since the first ads were penned, but the real beauty in this kikki.K ad is a wonderful Swedish dimension – not only was the ad shot in Sweden, but for the first time we hear the brand voice, narrated in a charming blend of Swedish with English sub titles and English with Swedish accent.

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‘Recipe to Riches’ – Great TV, but not so great for the brand industry

Recipe to Riches Branding

With more exposure on the branding industry than ever, it’s important for people to understand the process of strategy and design without being mislead by unrealistic expectations portrayed in shows such as ‘Recipe to Riches’.

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le Sphinx tattoos limited edition bottles for J+B whiskey

packaging design agency

Buzzworthy Limited Edition Packaging
As brands constantly search for promotional ideas to create impact, connect with consumers and form or firm-up emotional relationships with their customers, it is only the bolder ideas that are getting cut-through. When J&B Rare Scotch Whiskey set about the task they looked to their 250 year history for a point of difference. Around the time the first J&B was being downed in London during the late 1700s, the first tattoos were appearing in the mother country, adorning the arms of sailors returning from distant lands with inked mementos. Around 100 years later the art of tattoo reached the British upper class when Prince Bertie (later to be crowned King Edward VII) got his first tattoo, becoming the catalyst for a nation-wide trend which is once again proving popular with a new generation.

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Lambis new brand advertisement – searching for softness


Toilet paper advertisements have brought us some entertaining campaigns over the years, but when you see Saatchi & Saatchi’s toilet paper commercial for swedish brand Lambi – you will be in for a good dose of the warm and fuzzies.

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Christmas 2014: The brands that emotionally connect with us

Christmas brand ad 2014

Retailers are all scrambling to remind us that Christmas is just around the corner. For most, this is the key time of the year where they need to enhance their connection with their customers to stay top of mind and maximise their share of wallet.

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Friday Philosophy – Yes we are Truly Deep

branding agency Melbourne

Some truths are just too big.

When was the last time your brand cracked a smile?

brand strategy Agency

The Pulling Power of a Smile
As channels to market keep fracturing, the social landscape becomes more and more chaotic and consumers take charge across every category – what’s a brand to do? The answer might be right under your nose – well right under your customers noses to be more specific – in the form of their mouths. And the question to ask yourself is; ‘when was the last time you made them smile?’ Sometimes in this overcomplicated world of commerce we forget some of the most effective and simple rules of branding like the power of a smile. I implore you in the spirit of the Invisible Man in Flip Flops to spend an hour this week with your marketing team (and office joker)  jotting down ways to put a smile on your customer’s dial. Pick the simplest, execute it as a priority and watch to see the world of your brand brighten.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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