Kotex change the game with a surprisingly charming tampon ad

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A Challenging Advertising Gig
‘Charming’ is not the adjective I would typically associate with tampon advertising. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t category where regardless of which advertising approach you take from sensitive to over the top it’s all-but impossible to avoid making some part of the market uncomfortable. But that paradigm has been beautifully sidestepped by tampon brand Kotex who have taken taken the sensitive bull by the horns. Their approach is to meet the challenge head-on by identifying one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing Tampon experiences – having them drop out of your bag in public – and finding a genuinely warm and engaging perspective.

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A truly cold lunchtime

Ice Bucket challenge

Lunchtime had been getting a little boring recently so (some of) the Truly Deeply decided to shake it up last week and got together on the balcony to dump buckets of icy cold water on each other’s heads! Luckily for us it was a balmy 21 degrees and the sun was shining. Result! The floor was almost too hot for our feet! Championed by our own Gemma D, seven of us signed up. We scoured the office frantically 10 minutes before bucket time for basins, buckets, dirty bins, anything that could make us yelp in chilling pain. Read the rest of this entry »

Libra and OCRF partner for Silver September

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All this month, Libra are aligning their brand with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation for Silver September.

This is another great brand partnership for OCRF but also a great brand fit for Libra.

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How Global Blanding is damaging our Spirit of Place

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Where has all the beautiful signage design gone?
On a stunning Melbourne Saturday morning I was lucky enough to be going for a run around our Botanical Gardens when I was struck by an old, hand painted sign designating a footpath as for ‘Pedestrian Use Only’. The sign was one of the last of its kind; hand painted in a font of the sign writers making, loaded with personality and the spirit of place. You see the sign was a throwback to another time when all municipal signage was not directed by global guidelines for recognition. The elegant, formed iron body of the sign was a far cry from the Local Government regulated, Council budget justified, lowest price Tender wins cut of all-but these few endangered signs. The paintwork was done by hand in a font definitely not specified by global best practice, with no pictogram pulled from the international handbook of standards.

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Paris Through Pentax

Paris Through Pentax

Beautiful little movie from a beautiful big city.

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Is Net-A-Porter’s Mark Sebba the world’s most loved CEO?

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In front of every great brand is a great leader
All of the world’s leading brands have at their helm a visionary leader. The ability of a business leader to engage his workforce and inspire them to lift the business to great heights is a critical part of every great brand. When I think of local uber brands such as kikki.K, Mecca Cosmetics and Grill’d I immediately associate them with their founders and leaders, who inspire their staff to greatness day-in and day-out. Whether leading a brand through change, growth or simply taking the role as the lead brand story-teller, a brand without a leader is like a boat without a rudder.

When Net-A-Porter’s much loved CEO, Mark Sebba retired recently, his staff around the globe were moved to choreograph a remarkable send-off for him. Executive Chairman and Founder of the Net-A-Porter Group, Natalie Massenet explains that she and fellow execs wanted “an amazing and personal tribute to this incredible man who has run our business for the last 11 years. We wanted him to feel how much we love him and give him the recognition he deserves – and to make him immortal in the digital world.”

The truly remarkable farewell was videoed and recently release on youtube (watch after the jump…)

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Branding Father’s Day 2014

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With Father’s Day coming up in Australia, it’s another chance for retail brands to get us to spend.
Who do you think is doing a good job of connecting their brand with Father’s Day?

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GAP brand belief inspires Dress Normal campaign

GAP brand beliefs

In creating, shaping and reshaping brands we often stress the importance of building a solid belief system.

While beliefs are primarily intended to guide and direct internal audiences, they can also play a powerful role in inspiring external communication as GAP shows us in their latest campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

Fitness Game Changing Brand


The next generation of fitness tracking has arrived with a gym that monitors your movement during your workout to give you a score based on your performance. Be warned this is highly addictive, lots of fun and pushes you to your limits. Versus uses 3D cameras, motion sensors and TV monitors to provide real-time feedback on users’ exercise techniques and efforts and scores individual’s overall performance based on personal best scores and other people in the gym. Plus we’re even more excited about this innovative brand because we’ve been working on the brand for the last 12 months.

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20 of the best Ads on Wheels

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Ode to the creative truck/bus/taxi ad
As a branding agency we spend most of our lives living, breathing and dreaming of ways to communicate brands in ways that have relevance and value to the lives of our client’s consumers. As the world changes, we surf the wave of new technologies, new mediums and new ways of communicating. But we are sometimes reminded that in the charge to stay abreast of the new there are still some classic brand communication channels that are easily overlooked. Truck, bus and taxi cab advertising may not qualify as new media, but as a channel to market it can still provide for cut-through creativity as these 20 beauties demonstrate.

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